ATV, COVID, Snowmobile Issues Discussed at Vilas County Law Enforcement Committee Meeting


The Vilas County Law Enforcement Committee heard reports of a number of issues last week, including ATVs on county highways and some city roads, a snowmobile report of accidents and quotes, and miscommunication about aging towers.

Deputy Recreation Officer Jason Molle answered questions from the committee about allowing ATVs to operate on trucking roads and snowmobile trails in the county.

“No ATVs are permitted on the snowmobile trails, but they are permitted on all city roads year-round in Eagle River and the cities of Lincoln, Cloverland, Washington, Conover and Phelps,” Molle said. . “They cannot legally operate on county highways unless approved by the county council.”

The council postponed that vote on Tuesday.

Sheriff Joe Fath said his preference “is to develop off-road ATV trails rather than allowing them on major county roads.”

Snowmobile reports

Dep. Molle has reported so far this snowmobile season that he has received 35 snowmobile complaints and completed 220 hours on patrol. There have been 14 snowmobile accidents so far, including two through ice, but no fatalities.

He said he issued 36 citations and 48 written warnings.

COVID Jail Update

Prison administrator Bill Weiss said he currently has 68 in-house guests with an average daily population of 77 compared to the average daily population of 72 last year.

“We are encountering cases of COVID and currently have four positive and three probable,” Weiss said. “We have two fully recovered employees and eight to nine employees who have recovered.”

When asked, Weiss replied, “We’ve had both prisoners and some staff who refused to be vaccinated.”


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