Capitol Police Chief: the police worked “24 hours a day” to ensure the security of the September 18 rally


United States Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger has warned that law enforcement will not tolerate violence or “criminal behavior of any kind” during the “Justice for J6“, a demonstration planned in support of the accused on January 6.

“The American public and members of Congress expect us to protect the Capitol,” Manger said at a press conference Friday. “And I am confident that with the plan we have in place, we will be able to meet that expectation.” Police have been working “around the clock” for the past few weeks to prepare for the September 18 protest and “make sure we don’t have a January 6 rehearsal,” he said.

“Our mission tomorrow (…) is to protect everyone’s rights to freedom of expression and enable them to demonstrate legally,” Manger said, “but there have been threats of violence.”

Manger said it would be “foolish” to disregard information gathered by the police, thereby clarifying the rationale for the security precautions – not only because of the gossip the police heard, but because the time had come. to practice and improve their safety. response template. “We’re not taking any risks,” Manger said, through Call’s Chris Marquette.

The police chief also mentioned that three groups could counter protest on Saturday, two of which “have not had much history of violence”, but one which “has already had clashes”. He did not name the groups up front.

The director has not heard of any elected official who plans to attend.


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