Case of a Canadian raped by elite police in France: the defendants deny the facts


Appeal hearingRape36“- Two police officers were indicted for the rape of a Canadian tourist At the headquarters of the then Parisian PJ (judicial police), 36 quai des Orfèvres – eight years after the revelation of the facts, begins Tuesday before the Aziz du Val court -de-Marne.

In January 2019, Antoine Guirn, 43, and Nicolas Redouan, 52, were sentenced to seven years in prison respectively after being convicted of the first rape of Emily Spontane, now 42, in Paris. Two former members of the Valuable Research and Intervention Force (BRI), who deny the facts of their allegations, immediately appealed. The appeal hearing has already been adjourned twice: in March 2020, due to infection with the corona virus, then in June 2021, following the admission of a defense lawyer, Me Thierry Herzog, to the hospital.

The plaintiff, who has traveled twice from Canada, will appear again for his trial on Tuesday. “Mr. Redouane firmly believes that he will prove his innocence before the Assize Court. This story ruined both his career and his personal life.“, told AFP Me Pascal Garbarini, one of the defense lawyers.

I thought I’d be safe there

Facts that made headlines in the press the day before April 22, 2014. This Tuesday evening, a Canadian tourist named Emily Spontane passed through Paris and came to drink at the Irish Bubble in Saint. Michael, opposite the headquarters of the Judicial Police of Paris, is now transferred next to the Judicial Court of Bodygnols (17th arrondissement).

In this bar, he meets several BRI policemen. The atmosphere is flirtatious and the agents make nocturnal visits to his famous “36”. – “Fancy Deposits“-“I was drunk and knew I couldn’t find my hotel. At least in a police station, I said to myself that I could not drink any more and that I would come back relaxed.“, she explained in front of the court of first instance.I thought I would be safe there. “

“She had a cough (Archie, editor’s note) soon”

She will be absent from the headquarters of the PJ for more than an hour, in shock condemning a rape. At the office of “36”, the tourist confirms that the defendants forced him to drink a glass of whiskey and imposed oral sex and genital mutilation on him. One of the defendants, Nicholas Reduvan, admitted wrongdoing to the plaintiff, but he promised to agree. In the evening, he texted a colleague to join him: “She coughs (Archie, author’s note). Send “.

The DNA of another police officer, Antoine Quirre, was found in Emily Spondon’s vagina. He talked about approved digital navigation. At first instance, the Paris court ruled in favor of his sentence. “Lady’s Fixed Announcements“rather than criticizing”There are no evolutionary, imaginative and very reliable sedimentsDefendants’.

The police haveAct like soldierss,” Advocate General Philip Crowe condemned during the hearing.That night, it was not policemen, but incompetent Fraser thieves, who behaved as if they were being chased.“Both will be sentenced to a maximum of twenty years in prison. The verdict will be given on April 22.


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