CRIME REPORTS: Tuesday, May 17, 2022 | Crime and Law Enforcement



The following individuals have been incarcerated in Lee-Tupelo County Adult Jail in connection with felony charges ending at 11 a.m. Monday.

Kortoris Ladalyus Burks, 44, of Tupelo, was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department, in possession of a Schedule II drug.

Dwayne Cannon, 57, of New Albany, was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department, Mississippi Department of Corrections warrant.

Kentarrius Cannon, 27, of Verona was arrested by Verona police, child endangerment, possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle, speeding, no driver’s license, open container.

Alex Doss, 41, of Tupelo, was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department for possession of a Schedule II drug, Mississippi Department of Corrections warrant.

Jimmy Shane Gable, 50, of no address given, was arrested by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office for credit card fraud.

James Hankins, 40, of Fulton, was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department, Possession of a Schedule II Drug, Driving Under the Influence, Open Container, Reckless Driving.

Michael Harrell, 54, of Blue Springs was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department, possession of a Schedule II drug, driver’s license suspended.

Dorinda Sue Johnson, 41, of Muskogee, Oklahoma, was arrested by the Shannon Police Department, felony Possession of Marijuana, Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Kenneth H. Sides, 37, of Red Bay, Alabama, was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department, possession of a Schedule II drug, driving under the influence.

Jeffery Wells, 50, of Tupelo was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department, two counts of Possession of a Schedule I Drug, Possession of a Schedule II Drug.

Amy Nicole Witcher, 40, of Tupelo, was arrested by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office for child endangerment.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office

The following reports were filed Monday by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

An MTD employee said a co-worker at the 145 freeway factory in Verona was facing him and wouldn’t let him work. They had to stop the production line and the suspect refused to leave. He was shouting profanity and had to be escorted off the property.

A woman from Old Payne Place said several people who live in the area are driving too fast and using stop signs. She is very worried about her safety.

A man from 2578 Baldwyn County Road said a male acquaintance had been harassing him on the phone for over a year and had even been convicted of the same in a Yalobusha County court. He wanted a report to press charges in Lee County.

A Tupelo woman from County Road 811 said a white woman and a black man drove into her driveway around 1 p.m. They left before the deputies arrived.

A County Road 1057 woman said she let her boyfriend move in with her about two months ago. After assaulting her, she ended the relationship and went to stay with her parents for a few days. When she returned to her apartment, the ex-boyfriend had removed all of the furniture and all of her clothes.

A Plantersville County Road 87 man said two dogs attacked a calf in his County Road 1201 pasture. He shot a dog. The other fled.

A Lucedale man said he was at a Drive 1231 Guntown address when he got into an argument with another man. He unsuccessfully tried to defend himself, ending up with the right side of his face bloodied and swollen. He said his attacker took his Glock 9mm pistol and threatened him with it. He ran into the woods to call 911.

A 455 Shannon County Road woman said she and her boyfriend had a fight around 2:30 a.m. Neither called 911. They said they didn’t need a report.

A woman from County Road 2346 Guntown found a strange car in her driveway around 5:30 a.m. She later recognized the driver as her sister-in-law, who is not permitted on the property. The suspect was taken in for trespassing.

A woman from Sweetwater Lane Saltillo said two German Shepherd dogs appeared in her yard, acting aggressively and growling at her. She sprayed them with the garden hose and they left.

A County Road 261 Tupelo man said he and his wife are going through a divorce. She showed up at home with her sister around noon. He locked them up. The women broke a window and kicked the door trying to get in but were unsuccessful. They left before the deputies arrived.

A woman on County Road 659 in Verona said her neighbor showed up around 2 p.m. knocking on her door. The suspect threatened to shoot a gun at the woman’s house if she did not come out. She said the neighbor was yelling at her and insulting her.

A County Road 484 Shannon man said the neighbor across the street was playing his music too loud at 4 p.m. Saturday.

A Mooreville County Road 1353 man said a male suspect got angry, accusing the man of puncturing his tires and threatening to burn the man’s motorhome. He said the two had a physical altercation two days earlier, with the suspect punching him repeatedly in the head and face.

A man was driving along County Road 520 when a Ford truck traveling the other way threw something that struck and shattered the driver’s side window of the man’s SUV.

A woman from County Road 2788 Baldwyn said her brother came to her house and started yelling at her. He refused to leave, until she called 911. He had left before the deputies arrived.

Tupelo Police Department

The following reports were filed Monday by the Tupelo Police Department.

A Reagan Street man says someone smashed the rear window of his Toyota Sienna van overnight. He had no idea who might be responsible.

A woman said she was in the parking lot of a food pantry at the intersection of Eason and Veterans when another vehicle backed up and hit and dented her front bumper.

An employee of Enterprise Car Rental saw someone tampering with the company van. The vehicle started and sounded good. Another check revealed the fuel line was disconnected and all gas had drained.

A Cleveland Street man said he received a call in February 2021 saying he had an unclaimed package. They kept calling, saying he needed to buy gift cards and give them the numbers. He did. In the past 15 months, he’s sent them about $10,000.

A West Main Walmart employee said a customer bought a $59 saw from the hardware department and swapped the price sticker with an ice cream scoop, then tried to leave after paying the lower value item. She was detained by police and cited for shoplifting.

An East Main Street laundromat said a Caucasian suspect entered the business around 3:30 a.m., opened the vending machine and took change and some groceries. The same suspect vandalized the same machine the night before, stealing all the money.

A man killing snakes near the bridge on Feemster Lake Road found a cell phone and turned it over to police.

A Magnolia Drive woman said about a month ago someone stole two gas-powered mini-bikes from her backyard. Overnight someone stole a BMX bike.

Anyone with information about any of these crimes is asked to call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 841-9041, the Tupelo Police Department at 841-6491, or Northeast Mississippi Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS or download the P3 Tip app and leave an anonymous tip that way.


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