Curtis, Salazar and colleagues lay out comprehensive immigration reform agendas


washington d.c. – This week, Congressman John Curtis stood alongside Representative Maria Elvira Salazar and a group of Republican House colleagues to introduce the long-awaited Dignity Act, a comprehensive health reform bill. immigration comprised of 3 fundamental principles: Provide a dignified solution to immigrants living in America. , strengthening the American workforce and economy and stopping illegal immigration.

“The Utah Compact on Immigration, first adopted by Utah government and business leaders in 2010, established 5 pillars of focus for immigration policy: Federal Solutions, law enforcement, families, the economy, and a free society.While I was in Congress, I used the Utah Compact to guide me in developing and voting on government policy. immigration. In line with these values, I am proud to support the Dignity Act, which addresses these 5 pillars,” said Rep. Curtis. “Like the Covenant, the Dignity Act balances the need for a border safe and functional with compassionate policies that keep families together, ensure employers have access to reliable foreign workers, and welcome people into our society and communities.A fair immigration policy is Utah’s way, and I’m proud to be one of the co-sponsors and original supporters of this important bill to provide certainty for Dreamers, to reform asylum laws and procedures, to provide a pathway to redemption for those who have contributed to our society for decades. , and overhaul our flawed immigration system in accordance with Utah values.

“Our broken immigration system is fracturing America – economically, morally, socially and politically. It threatens the American dream and our very way of life,” Rep. Salazar said. “Today I introduce the Dignity Act to secure our border, provide a dignified solution for immigrants to the United States, and support American workers. Although we are a nation of laws, we are also a nation of second chances. I am grateful to my colleagues for joining me in bringing the American Dream to life.

The Dignity Act is the only realistic solution proposed to Congress that fully secures the border, restores law and order to our immigration system, enacts a 10-year Dignity Program offering renewable legal status, and provides a pathway additional optional redemption towards permanent legalization. This reasonable and compassionate approach will finally fix an immigration system that has been broken for decades.

The Dignity Act was drafted in consultation with American business leaders, agriculture and farming industries, the faith community, immigration reform groups and border security experts.

Main provisions of the Dignity Act:

  • Addressing Immigrants Living in America
  • Creates immediate legal status and a simplified path for Dreamers.
  • Dignity Program (10 years): Through the 10-year Dignity Program, undocumented immigrants will have the opportunity to work, obtain legal status, pay compensation and be in good standing with the law. They must comply with all federal and state laws, pass a criminal background check, work or serve as a family caregiver, and pay taxes. They must contribute to the American Worker Fund to begin the program. The Dignity program provides work authorization and protection against dismissal proceedings as long as the conditions are met. Dignity participants will pay $10,000 in restitution for the 10 years of the program, must report to DHS every 2 years, and must remain in good standing.
  • Individuals participating in the Dignity Program will not have access to means-tested federal benefits or entitlements. They will be net contributors to tax revenue and to the US economy.
  • Exchange program (+5 years): The exchange program is optional and individuals must complete the 10-year Dignity program to start the exchange program. It will offer a chance for redemption and a more permanent legal status. The 5-year buyout program requires participants to learn English and American civics, and provides the opportunity for those seeking permanent legal status to contribute to their local community, either through volunteer work local, national community service or increased contributions to the American Worker Fund. This also opens up eligibility for existing pathways to citizenship, but would not constitute a special pathway. People who applied would go to the bottom of the line.
  • Application through a functioning mandatory electronic verification system and certification of a fully secure border will be completed before the exchange program can begin.

American labor and economy

  • Creates an American Worker Fund, using restitution payments from the Dignity and Redemption programs, at no cost to taxpayers. This provides grants to U.S. citizens for workforce education initiatives, apprenticeship programs, and vocational and technical training to give Americans the opportunity to enter new careers.
  • For every $10,000 paid by 1 immigrant through the Dignity program, it can retrain at least 2 American workers.
  • Implements a market-based solution for our labor shortages by expanding and modernizing the H-2A Guest Farmworker program to adequately meet labor needs.
  • Updates the outdated definition of farming to reflect modern farming practices, establishing a policy that works for all American farmers, growers and ranchers.
  • Provides wage stability for farmers and ensures a resilient and reliable agricultural produce supply chain.
  • Fights food price inflation so families can continue to have access to affordable groceries and a wide variety of produce from American farms.
  • Includes the H-2B Returning Worker Exception Act to ensure small businesses and seasonal businesses can meet their labor needs and contribute to our country’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

Border Security and Enforcement

  • Authorizes funding to fully secure the US border at no cost to US taxpayers.
  • Implements the best border technology available – including radar, cameras, infrared, secure communications and autonomous detection technology.
  • Reinstate all currently suspended border infrastructure contracts and increase funding for physical border infrastructure.
  • Create a task force to detect and destroy cartel smuggling tunnels along the southern border.
  • Mandates 100% national e-verify to ensure that all American businesses are hiring legal workers.
  • Increases criminal penalties for illegal border crossings and immediately deports illegal immigrants who commit crimes.
  • Expands US authorities to prosecute transnational criminals, smugglers, human traffickers, drug traffickers, and gangs like MS-13 operating outside the United States.
  • Establishes 4 regional processing centers to house asylum seekers at the border to end capture and release policies while cases are determined.
  • Adopts a last-in, first-out court policy to reduce the multi-year immigration court backlog.
  • Hire 1,700 new immigration court staff to adjudicate asylum claims faster.
  • Curbs irregular migration from Central America and addresses the root causes of northward migration by bringing law, order and increased development to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

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