Danny Mills accuses Everton fan of pushing Viera for French cop brutality against Liverpool


Danny Mills has linked Everton fans to the brutal treatment of Liverpool fans by French police during the Champions League final.

Liverpool fans heading to the Stade de France ahead of last month’s final were greeted with shocking violence by Parisian police. They were kept waiting for hours in a compact space before being unfairly sprayed with tear gas and pepper spray.

UEFA have since apologized before an investigation was launched, but former England full-back Mills has claimed the behavior of English football fans in the final stage of the season prompted French police to react harshly. aggressive – a claim that has sparked fury from Everton and Liverpool supporters online.

Mills pointed to a Goodison Park pitch invasion after Everton’s 3-2 win over Crystal Palace on May 19 as the reason for the brutality. He told Football Insider: “People say England fans are judged unfairly and it’s premeditated. I don’t think we are, in all honesty. You have to go through the last 20, 30 years and look at how our fans behaved when traveling abroad in this country.

“Let’s remember just before the end of the season there were fans on the pitch and a French hero, a legend, God in Patrick Vieira was abused and almost attacked by fans. He’s a guy who is so well regarded in France for what he has achieved in football, it’s amazing.

“Don’t you think the French police looked at this and said, ‘Look what the English are doing to one of our heroes?’

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Liverpool fans were unnecessarily pepper sprayed by Paris police during the Champions League final

UEFA have since apologized for their treatment.
UEFA have since apologized for their treatment.

“Can you imagine if Frank Lampard or Stevie Gerrard were in charge of PSG and this happened when a French team came to England and how the media would perceive this saying ‘Look at the hooliganism, the shameful scenes’.”

Everton fans were unsurprisingly left baffled and shocked by Mills’ claim, taking to Twitter to express their anger at the former Leeds United man for passing the foul.

Everton fans invaded the ground at Goodison Park to celebrate the Premier League's survival
Everton fans invaded the ground at Goodison Park to celebrate the Premier League’s survival in May

An Evertonian remarked: “So the French cops/government and uefa admit the CL mess was theirs, but Danny Mills insists Everton fans are to blame.”

Liverpool supporters also joined in condemnation of Mills’ comments, tweeting: “What went wrong in Paris has to do with UEFA, the French authorities and the French police. Liverpool and Real Madrid have nothing to do with it, so to bring Everton there is heinous in the extreme.”

Other fans commented “that’s a terrible scream from him” and “that’s ridiculous”.

Meanwhile, a Blue mocked the article referring to Mills as an ‘expert’, saying: ‘I would like to know what planet Danny Mills is an expert on anything because he doesn’t. is definitely not on earth.”


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