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Fortunately, the law is likely headed for rapid demise in court. It is being challenged in a Cole County lawsuit filed jointly by St. Louis and the County of St. Louis. But documents submitted by federal officials in support of this lawsuit make it clear that even the possibility of the law finally coming into force is already hurting working relationships between federal and state law enforcement authorities in the face of the law. armed violence.

A special agent for the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives wrote in an affidavit that a Missouri State Highway Patrol testing center “has advised the ATF that the Center will not provide more investigative support to ATF, including providing background information. on investigative targets. Missouri state law enforcement won’t help the federal government catch gun criminals, in other words.

Other effects, according to government documents, could include obstructing federal efforts regarding the illegal possession of firearms by criminals, illegal gun trafficking and even routine criminal background checks conducted. by federally licensed gun dealers. An accused drug dealer once used the law to prosecute police for possession of firearms.

The law “has already had a significant impact on ATF’s partnership with national and local law enforcement,” the ATF official wrote. This will only get worse as long as there is still a theoretical possibility that this law will come into force. The sooner the courts kill him, the better.

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