Florida lawmaker tables bill banning co-operation between law enforcement and U.S. Capitol police


The 2022 legislative session begins on January 11.

Rep. Antoine Sabatini tabled a bill on Monday that would prohibit local law enforcement from assisting the United States Capitol Police within state limits.

The law project (HB 133) would prevent state and local police departments – or any other government agency – from assisting or cooperating with the United States Capitol Police. It further prohibits agencies from allowing the United States Capitol Police to access a government database.

“We see the Capitol Police being transformed into a partisan political agency by a tyrant (Nancy) Pelosi and we cannot allow a nationalized political police force to infiltrate our state with new “field offices”, “Sabatini, who represents Lake County, tweeted in a bill announcement.

The proposal comes months after the U.S. Capitol Police came under scrutiny for their actions – or lack thereof – during the Jan.6 Capitol uprising.

Following the riot, the federal police recommend disciplinary measures against six officers for their actions during the incident The measure further prohibits state and local government agencies from even recognizing the jurisdiction of the United States Capitol Police or its personnel in the Sunshine State.

Five US Capitol policemen have died since the January 6 riot, CNBC reported.

Sabatini – a Florida National Guard officer and congressional candidate – filed about a dozen tickets before the legislative session of 2022.

A proposal would allow Floridians to carry a firearm without a license. The measure is awaiting review by three House committees.

Another would throw a forensic check of the 2020 general election involving the former president Donald trump. This bill would require the government. Ron DeSantis appoint a third party to verify the election results.

A separate bill would prohibit the state health official from forcing vaccinations in the event of a public health emergency.

The 2022 legislative session begins on January 11.

If enacted, the United States Capitol Police measure would take effect immediately. The bill is not scheduled for committee hearings at the time of publication.

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