French police identify 7,000 stolen items


Police in Bergerac (Dordogne) have discovered a treasure trove of more than 7,000 antiques and stolen objects worth at least €700,000 after an investigation lasting several months.

The treasure includes an engraved mammoth tusk, WWII machine guns, rare works of art, bronze statues, ancient coins, old books and more.

Police have set up a dedicated website listing all the items, which you can see here, in an attempt to return the items to their rightful owners.

The investigation began last year when three suspects were arrested in connection with the theft of a safe in Bergerac, Le Figaro newspaper reported.

While searching the suspects’ homes and places related to them, police found boxes, sheds and around 50 other hidden storage places with valuable and rare items.

The suspects, who have been taken into custody, have not explained to police how they arrived at the objects. One of them is a numismatic.

Some of the items have already been recovered after the owners were able to prove they were stolen.

The police are looking for the owners

The site, which will remain open until July 31, lists all the objects discovered along with a photo and a description.

It stipulates that anyone wishing to claim a stolen object can do so by filling out a form. The person must have proof of ownership of the item, such as a receipt, a police report noting the theft of the item, an insurance claim, photographs, etc.

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