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Sharon Au keeps her followers up to date with her life after the burglary.

The 47-year-old former host and actress, who has been based in Paris, France, for four years, had her apartment robbed on April 30.

According to Au, the burglars took everything she loved except her cat Rudon.

Following the misfortune, Au quit her job in Paris, saying she needed to heal and reevaluate her life there.

Only the Gardens by the Bay tote bag remains

On May 16, Au posted a photo of herself crossing the road, holding a Gardens by the Bay tote bag.

All of her other bags were stolen in the robbery, according to Au.

Another important item that was stolen was Au’s laptop, which she used for work.

Besides his former full-time job in Paris, Au also writes a monthly column for Zaobaowhere she ruminates on everything from life to politics.

Perhaps missing her laptop a little more, as there was previously a glimmer of hope that she might have gotten it back.

Five days after the burglary, the device’s Find My Mac feature had actually alerted her to its exact location, 40 miles (64 km) from Paris.

When Au told the French police, however, they reportedly replied that they were “too busy” and had no desire to escort him to the location.

“They have bigger crimes to solve,” Au said.

Au also shared with her followers on May 16 that she wasn’t sleeping well due to nightmares, though she didn’t explicitly link it to the burglary.

Top image via Sharon Au’s Instagram page


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