Heavy police presence at Stade de France after Champions League final debacle


Security was heavy at the Stade de France on Friday ahead of the France-Denmark soccer match in Paris.

French authorities have tightened security for the UEFA Nations League Group 1 match with riot police and mounted units, following chaotic scenes in the Champions League final last week.

Police numbers have been increased both around the Paris stadium and at stations which have been prepared for some 80,000 people.

This time there were no incidents. However, fans who went to the game were cautious.

“Well, we were a little scared, and it’s true that we, as a family, were more scared for our little one,” said Lydie Humez, a French fan. “But we figured safety would be restored and the same mistake wouldn’t happen twice.”

Sunday’s Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid turned into a debacle when police fired tear gas at Liverpool supporters surrounded around the stadium and scuffles broke out between supporters and locals .

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin blamed the choas on ticket scams, although he has since admitted the event “clearly” could have been better organised.

More than 2,000 police have been recruited for Friday’s match, with 665 officers dedicated to monitoring the flow of people into the stadium and protecting fans from attack.

Some 1,000 security officers, slightly fewer than last week, were available to carry out checks, while the number of plainclothes officers to prevent supporters from being targeted by thieves was significantly increased.

A number of Liverpool supporters claimed that certain groups of locals tried to rob them during the Troubles.

Spectators at the France vs Denmark match were reassured by the strong police presence.

“Our plans were about to be canceled because we didn’t know how to get away from the stadium afterwards,” said Danish fan Nina Gade.

“So we prepared to go to a nearby hotel and stay there for the night. But now we see all the police, everywhere and in the metro, and now we’re going to take the metro back to our own hotel. “

The only surprise for Paris was that Denmark beat France 2-1.

The France team will travel to Croatia on Monday and Denmark will travel to Austria for their next UEFA Nations League matches.


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