Horror in the riot of the vaccine mandate in France, demonstrators are beaten by the police | World | News


Images on social media show violent clashes between police and protesters taking a stand against mandatory vaccines in France as the nation spirals out of control.

In a horrific moment, a protester is grabbed, knocked down and thrown by a crowd of cops who appear to repeatedly beat the protester.

Next, a pack of rioters manages to put a lone riot officer to the ground and rushes to bring them down with sticks and sticks.

An officer is then pictured being hoisted to his feet by another officer after being attacked by enraged rioters.

Flares appear to be set off by masked protesters and then hurled at police as the situation spirals out of control.

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The chaos intensifies as riot police with shields intervene to disperse the crowds and furiously defend themselves to restore order.

But the efforts are nothing as the police incite more rage among the rioters.

The protests come as similar chaos erupted in Luxembourg, Austria and Israel tonight as riot police intervene to stamp out protests across the world.

Protests have become commonplace across Europe, as enraged citizens march against the implementation of forced vaccines and vaccine passports.

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The decision prompted rebel backbenchers to announce that they will vote against the move which they say is misleading and discriminatory.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer said his party intended to vote with the government on implementing Plan B.

Business leaders in the hospitality and events sector have also expressed major concerns about the deployment of vaccine passports.

MEPs will vote on Tuesday.

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