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Think high gas prices are a problem for you and your household? Consider what it does for the safety of your community, as some Ohio law enforcement agencies say they are reducing patrols, to save gas.

South Zanesville Police Chief Mark Ross told Fox News he had asked his department to conduct “stationary patrols” neighborhoods, to conserve gas and save money. It’s a responsible decision to save taxpayers’ money, but it could create a new problem, as officers are asked to sit in one place and turn off their engines. (Think what it must be like, in this heat.)

“We are not as visible as we would normally like”, said Ross. “We would like to move around our village and let people see us.”

According to Ross, the reduction in patrols will continue as the price of gasoline increases because “We will exceed our budget if this continues. Economically, we are short of money here.

Sound familiar?

We all have to make adjustments when inflation hits.

As families cut back on short trips, carpooling and changing vacation plans, South Zanesville likely isn’t the only Ohio law enforcement agency facing tough decisions about how to proceed. work.

For God’s sake, friends, don’t make it harder for them. Don’t be vigilantes, but as always, if you see something, say something.

Officers struggling to serve and protect while being asked to stay in one place will need all the help they can get.

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