Iowa DPS Supports Initiative to Increase Women’s Representation in Law Enforcement


SIOUX CITY (KCAU9) – The Iowa Department of Public Safety announced this week that it is supporting a national initiative aimed at increased representation of women in law enforcement.

Currently, only 6.4% of Iowa’s DPS workforce are women, which they seek to change in the future by supporting the efforts of the “30 × 30” initiative.

The main goal of this new national program affiliated with the Policing Project at New York University and the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives is to ensure that women make up 30% of recruiting classes by 2030.

The Sioux City Police Department is currently above the national average with 12.5% ​​of officers being women. Lt. Judy Kellen has been with Sioux City Police for 25 years and has reflected on the importance of diversifying law enforcement.

“We are very involved in the community and we will always continue to do and be, and I know that as our population changes we will try to make our department reflect the changes in the community,” Lt. Kellen said. .

Meanwhile, at Western Iowa Tech, Police Science Coordinator Dave Drew said efforts were being made to attract more women into the profession, and that several female students are studying in the program now, compared to just one or two female students. many years ago.

“I think the stigma has gone, that the glass ceiling has been broken by different agencies across the country. We have police chiefs who are women, sheriffs who are women, right down to government, ”Drew said.

One student in particular explained what motivated her to get involved in law enforcement.

“I want to empower children of all races, empower young girls into believing that all dreams are possible, and I also want to help prevent recidivism from continuing to happen in my own community by serving my community.”


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