IPhone 13 models still include EarPods in the box in France


The four iPhone 13 models still come with EarPods in the box in France due to a law in the country which requires all smartphones to include a “hands-free kit” in order to protect children under the age of 14. against potential electromagnetic radiation.

Apple’s website in France confirms the inclusion of EarPods with a Lightning connector with all iPhone 13 models sold in the country, as was the case with iPhone 12 models. To accommodate this , Apple ships the iPhones in two boxes in France, with the standard iPhone box placed inside a larger white box that contains the EarPods.

As of October 2020, Apple stopped including EarPods and a charger in the box with all of the new iPhones it sells. The company said that the omission of these accessories helps reduce carbon emissions and avoids the extraction and use of rare earth elements. Apple added that many customers have switched to wireless headphones like AirPods. Outside of France, all new iPhones only include a Lightning to USB-C cable in the box.

Apple continues to sell EarPods separately, with a price tag set at $ 19 in the United States.

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