Jean Alesi explains the context of his recent bizarre arrest in France



After being arrested for having triggered a firecracker, Jean Alesi said he then spent a “fantastic evening” talking about Formula 1 in custody.

The former Ferrari driver, his son Giuliano and a friend have all been arrested after a firecracker exploded in the offices of his brother-in-law’s architectural firm.

The brother-in-law is currently in the process of separating from Alesi’s sister, and the Frenchman described it as a “bad joke” gone awry.

He is due to appear in court in January 2023 for the incident and was keen to downplay the incident when he spoke about it.

“It was just a joke. I never imagined that a firecracker could cause all of this,” Alesi told Corriere della Sera. “It all seems disproportionate to me. I had bought this firecracker in Italy at a resort -service near Ventimiglia, we were in the car with friends and we said to each other “try it”.

“So I threw it in front of this architect’s desk, but I didn’t expect it to make so much noise.” I wasn’t mad at my sister’s ex-partner, we’ve always been on very good terms.

“I was the one who went to the police the next day to clarify things. I said straight away that I would reimburse everything. Throwing him in this very spot was an accident.

Alesi was kept in jail overnight after his arrest before being released, and said police did not understand why he was there in the first place.

However, since they were Formula 1 fans, Alesi said he enjoyed his time discussing the sport during his night behind bars – and went on to say he would stay away from pyrotechnics during the celebration of the beginning of 2022.

“They kept me at the police station for 24 hours,” he said. “I was first locked in a room by order of the magistrate, then the police released me – they didn’t understand why there was so much fury against me. And at the police station, we had a fantastic evening before we were released.

“We talked to the Formula 1 guards, they were passionate about it. We talked about old races, old anecdotes, silly things we did when we were young and then we talked about this amazing World Championship won by Max Verstappen.

“Now I’m going to spend New Years Eve on the French Riviera but without setting off any firecrackers – don’t tell me anymore. I’m done with the firecrackers!



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