Law enforcement officials warn of another caravan of migrants heading for the Texas border


Law enforcement officials say they are trying to get ahead of another large group of migrants heading for the Texas border.

According to the DPS lieutenant assigned to the southern sector, some 1,200 illegal immigrants have been arrested since January.

Every day, law enforcement officers find 10 to 100 migrants hiding on trains passing through Del Rio, Texas.

Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Martinez, whose jurisdiction includes the border town of Del Rio, warns of yet another massive influx of Haitian migrants like the thousands who gathered under the city’s international bridge last month .

DEL RIO, TEXAS – SEPTEMBER 22: A migrant mother carries her child while waiting to be received by the Val Verde Humanitarian Coalition after crossing the Rio Grande on September 22, 2021 in Del Rio, Texas. Thousands of immigrants, mainly from Haiti,

“I can guarantee you that this happens,” he said. “And somewhere in the community will be confronted with what we went through here three or four weeks ago.”

Laura Collins of the Bush Institute says it is only a matter of time before the next wave of migrants, given the current climate.

“There is simply no other real option for people who have to leave for various reasons, whether it is persecution or it is related to their economic situation,” she said.

Chris Olivarez, the DPS lieutenant assigned to the area, says they have set up a treatment center in Val Verde County.

“Right now we have soldiers on the ground working on the ranches and rail yards to help landowners and ranchers with some of these illegal immigrants who are breaking state law for criminal trespassing.” , did he declare.

The remarks by the DPS and the Val Verde County Sheriff were part of a political event hosted by Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The mayor of Del Rio, a Democrat, was visibly absent from the event.

Immigration and national security experts say meaningful change requires bipartisan support.

“It means I have to sit down, and you have to sit down. And we have to say, ‘You know what? We don’t agree on these things, “” said Robert Sanders, director of the Department of National Security for the University of New Haven. “We’re okay with these things. Let’s put them in the center and start working from the center. You actually have common ground and can move forward.”

It is not known if the mayor of Del Rio was invited to the media event. His name was not on the agenda. FOX 4 requested an interview, but received no response.


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