Law enforcement stresses importance of reporting sexual assault cases – FOX23 News


TULSA, Oklahoma— Content Warning: The following article contains references to a rape investigation.

In September, Tulsa police arrested Previn Jones for the rape of a 14-year-old girl daughter.

Investigating the case, officers found the details matched an almost identical case from March.

“We found out that we had another very similar case that happened in March 2022,” said Lt. Darin Ehrenrich of the Special Victims Unit. “The details are almost identical.”

The 16-year-old victim of the March case said Jones offered to drive her home and raped her in his car. Investigators said she singled out Jones in a series of photos and their evidence was sufficient to charge her with kidnapping and rape as well.

Ehrenrich said it’s a great example of why reporting rape and sexual assault is so important. Even if the victim feels that the details are few.

The linked case bolstered investigators’ evidence against Jones, and Ehrenrich said it was thanks to the bravery of the victims.

“I think the conversation that’s happening nationally, like the MeToo movement conversation, really underscores the importance of people coming forward,” he said.

Ehrenrich said no matter how old the case is or how few details there might be, they are always open to listening to victims.

“Even if you think you don’t have a strong case. If you think you won’t be believed, we’re here to believe you,” he said. “We are here to investigate all of these reports as diligently and fully as possible.”


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