Permanent building at the NCCC to house the Law Enforcement Academy | Education


The site is on the west side of the expansive Sanborn campus, near the college administration building.

“Expansion is going to be necessary, in particular to bring the program into the 21st century and to extend it to students and not just law enforcement,” said Jason J. Cafarella, chairman of the board of directors of the NCCC.

“The benefit for the NCCC is that criminal justice students will be allowed access to the building at specific times,” Filicetti said.

In a sense, the academy is coming home. The NCCC hosted the academy, which trains new officers for law enforcement agencies in the region, from 1974 to 2011. The site was an annex to Building C.

Then the academy moved to Niagara University, where it remained until this spring.

Filicetti said NU learned of the existence of a planned protest during the academy’s graduation ceremony in May. The university denied this, but said there was a scheduling conflict for the graduation site.

Sheriff Michael J. Filicetti said he was made aware of a planned campus protest surrounding the academy’s graduation ceremony.

But the result is that the graduation ceremony took place at Niagara Falls High School and the academy returned to Sanborn. It is currently operating in temporary premises in building G, near the college cafeteria.

Plans for the new 14,000 square foot building, developed by LaBella Associates, include four classrooms with removable walls, changing rooms for men and women, a kitchenette, a break room and offices on the first floor.


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