Police were called after a man wearing a Halloween mask chased a woman


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Southaven Police say a man caused physical fear when he chased a woman down a town street on Monday while wearing a mask.

Rashe France, 22, has been charged with assault following the Chaparral Lane incident.

The victim said she was walking on Chaparral when a man wearing a white mask jumped out of a vehicle and started running towards her.

The victim said she feared for her life and started screaming for help. She said when she reached a stop sign, the man stopped chasing her and started laughing.

Southaven Police said they stopped France on Stateline Road and found a white mask described by the victim on the passenger side of his vehicle.

France claimed he was sitting in his car on Chaparral talking to a friend when he saw the victim being chased by a man wearing a white Halloween mask.

He said he saw the man drop the mask on the floor and picked it up because it was a cool Halloween mask.

France was taken into custody and charged with assault and physical fright.

Relatives of the victim said that although it was a sick joke, it was not funny. They said the victim is still terrified by what happened.


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