Three other Rafale will arrive from France


By Ajit K Dubey In a major boost for the Indian Air Force during the ongoing military standoff with China, three more Rafales will arrive Wednesday evening in Jamnagar, Gujarat from France.

With the arrival of these three planes, India would have 29 of the 36 Rafale jets that it had ordered from France under a contract of Rs 60,000 crore signed in 2016. Three Rafale jets are arriving in the country in originating from France and were filled in flight over the Middle East by a friendly air force. They will land at Jamnagar air base, government sources told ANI.

This is the first batch of Rafale to come from France after Air VR Chief Marshal Chaudhari took over as Air Chief of Staff earlier this month. According to plans, the next three planes, namely the 30th, 31st and 32nd planes, would reach India by the first half of December and the next three would join operational squadrons by January 26.

Planes from France would be split between the Golden Arrows squadron in Ambala and the 101 squadron in Hashimara, West Bengal. The 36th Rafale would be delivered to India with a number of upgrades that would make it more lethal and capable. (ANI)

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