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YWCA Enid executives revealed on Friday they were cooperating with law enforcement over potential financial mismanagement by a former employee from several years ago.

Courtney Strzinek, executive director, said the alleged discrepancies were discovered by staff members after the YWCA was contacted by authorities about another case.

“We are sorry and angry that it appears the YWCA has been victimized,” said Kendall Conger, chairman of the board. “For over 100 years, we have stood up for victims and offered hope and healing. As a Board of Directors, we are committed to doing justice, protecting the organization from future misconduct, and continuing to serve those in our community who need our programs.

Strzinek said the board moved quickly to work with federal officials and the investigation is ongoing. The board of directors also works with industry experts to review and modify financial policies and implement additional segregation of duties.

“We are cooperating fully with the FBI and its investigation,” Strzinek said. “We try to be as transparent as possible. Our doors are open and we continue our work to reduce domestic violence and sexual assault, serve women and children in crisis in Northwest Oklahoma, and be a partner with other social service agencies in Enid.

The alleged mismanagement of several years ago will have no impact on current YWCA programs, Strzinek stressed. No current staff or budget is impacted by this discovery, she said.

“Although this happened before I became Executive Director, I accept responsibility for the smooth running of our agency, and we will participate in law enforcement to enable our organization to continue to do our important work,” she declared. “Together with the staff and the board, we have already started to revise our governance documents and put additional levels of accountability between the staff and the board. We will get over it. “

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