“France reiterates its full support for Iraq in the fight against (…)


Thank you, Mr. President, and I thank the Special Representative for her presentation. I would also like to welcome the presence here today of the Permanent Representative of Iraq.

Mr. President, France strongly condemns the massive strikes claimed by Iran carried out in the autonomous region of Kurdistan of Iraq, which struck civilians indiscriminately. This is a serious violation of Iraqi sovereignty and international law and a threat to peace and security. France reiterates its attachment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq and calls for respect for the stability and security of the autonomous region of Kurdistan. We call on relevant actors to stop interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq.

A year after the legislative elections, the political situation is still deadlocked. We call on the political actors to take their responsibilities and to agree on the formation of a government. We also call on them to reaffirm their attachment to the Iraqi constitutional framework and to respect the integrity of Iraqi institutions. We welcome and encourage the initiatives that have been taken by Prime Minister Kadhimi to relaunch the national dialogue, the only possible way out of the current impasse. It is essential that this dialogue is inclusive and that it allows the participation of women, who have so far been excluded from the talks, even if they have been elected in large numbers to Parliament, as has been said on several occasions.

Mr President, each day without a government since the last elections increases the risk of destabilization in Iraq. The formation of a government is an urgent measure to avoid a further deterioration of the situation. France also calls on the authorities in Baghdad and Erbil to renew dialogue. Cooperation between the federal authorities and the autonomous region of Kurdistan on issues of common interest, in particular security but also on the question of oil resources, is essential.

Mr President, despite the challenges it faces, Iraq continues its courageous fight against Daesh. And France reiterates its full support for Iraq in the fight against terrorism, and will continue its commitment in this regard as part of its contribution to the International Coalition against Daesh, with full respect for Iraqi sovereignty, and for as long that it will be necessary and Iraq demands it.

Iraq also continues to play a positive regional role. We commend the efforts of the Prime Minister in this regard and support all regional dialogue initiatives that contribute to regional stability and respond to global challenges. We are working on a new summit of Heads of State and Government in Amman, in the so-called “Baghdad format”, which has laid the foundations for a credible regional dialogue, which the region urgently needs.

Finally, I would like to commend the cooperation between Iraq and Kuwait on the issue of missing Kuwaitis and third-country nationals. The progress made through appeals to witnesses and satellite imagery is significant, and we encourage the two States to continue their dialogue on this issue.

Thank you Mr President.


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