OR Measure 114 Strongly Opposed by Linn County Sheriff


PORTLAND, OR (KOIN) – As votes continue to be counted across Oregon, the Linn County Sheriff is already preparing for the possible passage of a measure that is among the toughest gun control laws in the USA.

In a Facebook post On Wednesday, Sheriff Michelle Duncan announced that if adopted, her deputies would not respect Measure 114, which requires a license/firearms database maintained by the state police and prohibits “large capacity” ammunition magazines. However, there is an exception for the military and law enforcement.

“This [Measure 114] is a terrible law for gun owners, victims of crime and public safety,” Sheriff Duncan said. “I want to send a clear message to Linn County residents that the Linn County Sheriff’s Office will NOT enforce magazine capacity limits. This measure is poorly drafted and there is still a lot of work to be done regarding the authorization process, who should take the training and what exactly the training should cover. »

Regarding permit requirements, Sheriff Duncan said she plans to work with other law enforcement agencies, elected officials and community members after the official results. She said she wanted to protect the right of county residents to own firearms and make sure this law doesn’t get in the way of that.

If the measure passes, the sheriff said she believes legal action will be taken against her almost immediately.

Despite results that are still drip-feeding, the Orgeonian/OregonLIVE Tuesday evening provided that the measure was adopted. As of 8 a.m. Thursday, the Associated Press still hadn’t called him anyway, although it seems Oregonians support the measure with projections showing 50.8% voters for and 49.2% for the opposition.

The measure was attempted by Lift Every Voice Oregon, a group of faith leaders who have been trying to get this passed for years. The group proposed the law in response to school shootings.


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