Penn State Law Professor Publishes Second Edition of Entertainment Law Book


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Geoffrey Scott, professor of law and director of the Arts, Sports, and Entertainment Law Clinic at Penn State Law at University Park, co-authored the second edition of “Entertainment Law on a Global Stage.” with Mary LaFrance (UNLV) and Lionel Sobel (UCLA); it was published in July by West Academic Publishing.

The textbook covers many diverse aspects of entertainment law in a US and international context. The versatility of the book makes it ideal for use in a wide range of entertainment law, intellectual property and advanced tort courses. The second edition significantly updates all of the chapters included in the first edition, and two new chapters have been added by Scott to address the current topic of music copyright infringement in a national and international.

Scott has a wide range of educational and academic interests with a focus on intellectual property and the intersection of the worlds of artistic expression, scientific invention and law. He has paid particular attention to issues of national and international entertainment law with an emphasis on music and personality rights, the protection of cultural property in Europe and Asia and the representation of the individual professional athlete.

Scott previously received a Fulbright Scholar Award for conducting research on creative people in Japan, and he has lectured there and in other countries such as the UK, China, South Korea, Norway , Austria, Italy, France, New Zealand and Australia on innovation and entertainment law. He has published in the fields of law and entertainment, sports and the protection of cultural property.

Scott also holds a faculty position at Penn State’s College of Arts and Architecture, whereby he collaborates with the arts faculty to lecture on legal issues involved in creative endeavours.


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